A little more about us

At My Student House, we get it. We understand that student accommodation is not as accessible as it should be.

We know what it feels like to be unsure about your accommodation and take away your focus on your studies. If you’re like many students, you’ve invested time trying to find suitable accommodation. You’ve likely wondered if there was something near campus that would be safe & affordable. We know you want to graduate with honours, and worrying about a suitable roof over your head, shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve accommodated over

students in the past 4 years

We want to lead student accommodation across the African continent. South Africa is not the only country desperately in need of student accommodation and

Our aim is to have a large housing footprint close to the major institutions. We also want to assist students to transition into the job market.

It is so difficult for graduates these days to find jobs even with great qualifications. We want to close this gap and enable them to seamlessly transition into their future.

Where it all began

My Student House was founded in 2020 by Retha van Rooyen where she took the
first steps towards the land of the free and becoming a student property mogul. The result outweighed her greatest expectations.

Her company, My Student House, has
experienced a 100% growth year after year with a 5-year plan that includes going

Why Choose us for your student accommodation?

We know that as a young person, you are probably moving out of your family home for the first time. This is both a very exciting and scary time. We provide not just a roof overhead and internet connection but also provide support and guidance from our dedicated house parents. Who are deeply involved in the well-being of our students that ensure that you can live, learn and make memories with us.


Our Team

Retha v Rooyen



Doug Morrsion


National Facilities Manager


Cape Town Finance

Lelethu Mzila

Crystal Lubbe

Potchefstroom Operations Manager

Lelethu Mzila

Kathy Pretorius

Student Liasion Officer

Lelethu Mzila

René van Wyk

Student Liasion Officer

Lelethu Mzila


Rental manager

Lelethu Mzila


Maintenance Admin Manager

Lelethu Mzila


Student Liasion Officer

Lelethu Mzila


Student Liasion Officer

Lelethu Mzila


Student Liasion Officer