Make yourself

at home


House mom on call daily


All linen, cutlery, crockery and appliances provided


Optional extras to rent


Student life & organised activities


Mentorship for 1st year students

Why choose us?

By creating an environment that will give the students the best opportunity to study and maintain good grades. We understand that student accommodation is not as accessible as it should be. For the past 4 years, we’ve accommodated 800+ students, Nationwide!

Top-notch Facilities.

Blazing Wifi

We understand the need for high-speed WiFi in the era of digital and online learning. 

Designated study areas

Catch up on assignments and enjoy ultimate focus in your own study area

Common Areas

Meet up or meet new people in common areas within each student accomodation

on-call student liaison officers

Each student location has a dedicated Student liaison officer 

Kitted out kitchens

Enjoy use of kitchen facilities kitted out with all your basic essentials

Here for other reasons?

My Student House sources and manages student accommodation for prospective property investors while also managing student accommodation on behalf of landlords and investors.

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